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Self assestment tool

Life offers a lot of challenges especially for those who have reached the adult stage.  It is from mistakes that people learn a lot from because it is easily remembered.  Doing the right things just pass and forgotten because there are more of them than mistakes.  It is well accepted that one wrong deed negates all the good deeds of a person.


Most people would probably say they know themselves better than anyone else.  In some sense they are right but really knowing oneself when it comes to weaknesses and strengths on the aspect of emotional, family, social, spiritual and physical well being is a different thing.  People have different values when it comes to those aspects of life.


Self assessment


Sometimes people assess themselves by how other people treat them.  Those who are not able to assess themselves when it comes how likeable they are by other people would often end up with few friends who likely like themselves.  So the saying goes that birds of the same feather flock together.


The problem of flocking together is they themselves might not even know why.  It is almost impossible the each assessed themselves.  They would only say they have the same likes and dislikes.


Know the self


For persons who do not know how to evaluate their self, they can try going through a global assessment tool.  It is something like an IQ test but there are no wrong or right answers to the questions in the assessment tool.  The tool is a gauge for strengths and weaknesses of an individual on the aspects in life as mentioned above.  The results will show the aspects where the individual weak and where the strengths are.  It helps develop all the aspects by knowing how one is rated by the tool.