I did as a grad student in my field best thing you can do for yourself is get organized and stay organized get organized and stay organized I’m saying that because I have problems with organization and I know you guys I know you guys if I looked in the trunk of your car I’d find PDFs right if I looked in your backpack more PDFs if I looked in your office more pdfs if I looked at your study Carol more PDF you are PDF hoarders your grad students I know that it’s it’s natural it comes naturally have you ever gotten to write the paper you’re getting to write the paper and you’re kind of trying to figure out and you go where did I put that PDF anybody do that before yeah you okay you okay all right okay now now the truth is coming out I’ve done that before or where’s the reference for that ah where’s the reference for that and then you have to look it up again it’s easy to look up I’m not saying it’s hard to look up but didn’t that just take you ten minutes. Learn everything about organization at robotdon.com.

You didn’t want to spend on that okay ten minutes here ten minutes there five minutes here twenty minutes there if you add it up all the time you spent backtracking okay you would save hours in writing some of these your your thesis or dissertation so let’s talk a little bit about how to stay organized we have a video on our YouTube site and it’s about how to use Excel how many of you guys are familiar with Excel okay most of you guys okay if you’re reading from your sources and you’re highlighting if you guys are in fields where you’re mostly summarizing things what did that person say what was that concept you go to the Excel spreadsheet you put a note in there you categorize it source note 1 note2 note 3 ok those categories at the end ok.

If you’re working on a piece you said you’re in social sciences what field are you in agriculture economics so let’s say you’re doing a piece where you’re putting maybe there are three like schools of thought on the issue you’re looking at ok category one is a demographic category 2 is a rule something whatever category 3 you can then take notes and then say what category it’s in now when you put all of this together and you summarize a concept you go note 1 Note 2 Note 3 okay what happens at the end you’re doing all of your reading you’re keeping all of your notes organized then how do you write the the intro or the paper yeah you got your categories and it kind of sets up your organizational structure okay so you say okay this person said this about this this person said this about this and I’m going to put all of this in Section 1 when you do it piecemeal like this you’ve already processed and synthesize the information the paper is going to write itself alright that’s one thing.